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    Best of Castello

Sunrise at the Rustico del Sole

For early risers and gourmets: as the sun rises above the horizon, marking the dawn of a brand-new day, 1,000 metres above sea level at the Rustico del Sole is just the place to be. Sunrise breakfasts taste all the better with Lake Maggiore at your feet and a breathtaking view far into the distance!



"Strength lies in calmness"

Strategy meeting at the Rustico del Sole

If crucial decisions have to be made and strategies planned, it can definitely be advantageous to withdraw to someplace quiet and inspiring. At the Rustico del Sole, you will be distracted at most by the beauty of the location and the grand outdoors surrounding you – otherwise there is nothing to disturb you.

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    Downhill from Cardada or uphill by helicopter

    Enjoying a private lunch à la Castello del Sole in our Rustico del Sole is a special experience. The mountain air and fantastic views make the sense of pleasure complete. The Rustico can only be reached by helicopter from below or by mountain bike from above on a downhill ride from the top station on Cardada – wow!

Luxurious round trip

While a trip from south to north and back again may not sound unusually spectacular, our idea of a luxurious round trip is sure to delight. Enjoy two overnight stays at Castello del Sole then fly by helicopter from Ascona to Zurich and spend one night at the Storchen Zürich Hotel. Our limousine will pick you up in Zurich and comfortably bring you back to Castello del Sole.

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    Just for you: private dinner

    There are not very many places that afford complete privacy. At Castello del Sole we reserve a charming spot of land for you, where you can enjoy an excellent private dinner in a perfect setting – happy memories included.


While the full moon shines its magic light on Lake Maggiore and the water wonderfully captures its reflections, you can be experiencing magic moments on the Frauscher boat – with a glass of champagne to make the experience even more perfect.