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Transformative bodywork

with Richard Girolami

Richard Girolami, a specialist in, among other things, exercise physiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), will bring his more than 20 years of experience to take you on a journey of physical, emotional and energetic transformation.

2 -7 July 2024

27 August - 1 September 2024

Transformative Bodywork is a careful combination blending a modern science informed view of the human body with traditional Chinese medicine’s energetic view of flowing life force. It includes somatic, myofascial, mindfulness, energy practices, and working with breath.

These elements work together to bring the body and mind toward a state of balance with profound results.

The aim is to facilitate physical, emotional, and energetic transformation in clients. This method of therapy effectively addresses imbalances and creates a lighter, more free human experience.

Transformative Bodywork

  • 75' : CHF 300.-
  • 90' : CHF 350.-


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To make a booking, please call +41 91 785 86 85 or email [email protected].

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