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Se détendre grâce

à Sabine Kauker

14 mai - 11 juin 2023

17 septembre - 8 octobre 2023

Sabine est une "travailleuse nomade" et son principal objectif est d'aider chaque individu à retrouver une vie heureuse, saine et déterminée. Son travail de guérison holistique est basé sur un principe spécial représenté par l'alchimie des plus hautes exigences envers soi-même, des mains douées, une "boîte à outils de travail" unique et 20 ans d'expérience intuitive du travail de guérison à travers le monde dans des hôtels primés.

Nos hôtes sont invités à une consultation gratuite avec Sabine pour déterminer leurs objectifs individuels de bien-être et ensuite recommander les techniques les plus appropriées et les plus efficaces.




  • 90 min | CHF 390 Anamnesis
    Get a detailed “chinese” view on your individual status of Yin/Yang, the interaction of the 5 Elements and how they are able to demonstrate “impact” to your body thru specific symtoms. The Anamnesis includes as well a recommended “follow-up” to balance the elements and flow of Qi within your body thru self-work with specific TCM points, nutrition advice or selected Qigong exercises.
  • 90 min | CHF 390 Custom-Fitted Traditional Chinese Medicine Journey
    TCM is the ancient holistic system of health and healing in China and is based on the notion of harmony and balance between the natural opposing forces of Yin and Yang. It offers a complete health care system with its own unique theories of anatomy and treatment. Together with Sabine you will choose after a short consultation the most fitting combination out of the available TCM tools in order to focus on stimulating the body’s natural curative powers.
  • 60 min | CHF 260 Chinese Foot Reflexology
    Reflex points on the feet correspond to every organ and gland in the body. Through application of pressure/special working techniques on these zones, reflexology can relieve tension, improve circulation and help promote the natural function of the related areas in the body. A very intense treatment with remarkable results that can be seen even after just one session. Further a reflexology treatment is recommended before or after your travels.
  • 60 min CHF 260 | 90 min CHF 390 Meridian-/Tuina Treatment
    This deeply relaxing treatment specializes in working with the meridians (energy lines) and selected key acupressure points on the head, body and/or face. Tension and blocked energy lines in these areas can cause for instance headaches, migraines, insomnia, dizziness, vision disorders, sinus issues and tinnitus. Further this treatment improves as well the skin texture - simply by activating natural energy flow.
  • 60 min | CHF 260 Chi Nei Tsang
    This special chinese internal organ massage assists to unblock the abdomen & intestine from knots and tangles which are often caused from various tensions, worries and daily stress expressed thru symptoms like issues with the digestive, lymphatic and/or nervous system as well as skin irritations, adipositas and chronically tiredness. (please calculate a 60-90 minutes “pause” between a taken meal and the requested treatment).
  • 60 min | CHF 260 Qigong
    Custom-fitted movements will lead you to a better flow of Qi within your body. Daily Qigong practise is an ideal prevention tool to stay flexible and healthy – up to highest age! Not only with tinnitus, high blood pressure, general tension, digestive disorders, sleeplessness, neck-pain and rheumatic symptoms Qigong has lead to great results.


  • 60 min | CHF 300 Raindrop Technique® including Young Living essential oils
    This treatment works on the spine-reflex zones on the feet as well as along to the spine itself. Special strokes and ancient massage techniques of the Indian tribes are used along with essential oils of 100% purity. The Raindrop Technique® aims to detox body and mind, achieve deep relaxation as well as bringing one back to a straightened energetic posture in life. Contraindication: pregnancy, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy or advanced osteoporosis.
  • 60 min | CHF 260 Reiki
    This holistic healing method aims to activate, channel and dispose natural and universal life energy. It calms body and mind, boosts the immune system, increases our creativity and ability to solve problems. Reiki strengthens our intuition and enables us to let go of unwanted habits or behaviors while bringing harmony and hope to our lives. For interested ones: as Reiki teacher I am also offering trainings from 1st degree onwards.
  • 60 min | CHF 260 Chakra Point Treatment
    Using an ancient working technique, this deeply relaxing treatment focuses on activating and balancing the 7 energy bodies and their single levels. A very powerful and intensive treatment that works with over 100 chakra points. We recommend a consultation with Sabine prior to booking this treatment; without previous experience in holistic healing work this treatment could irritate and/or overload your body and mind.


  • 60 min | CHF 260
    Constellation work: look at blockages within the family system, traumas and/or over-used life patterns/beliefs Children psychology: children are mostly the “speaking voice/expressing part” when things go wrong Coaching: a neutral view over a challenging life situation leads us to new perspectives

ADD-ON Young Living Essential Oils

In case you wish to use Young Living Essential Oils to support your treatment with the best what nature has to offer a surcharge of CHF 40/treatment applies


1:1 or for couples/families – including detailed training booklet and certification – prices upon request:

  • REIKI (1st degree up to teacher/grand master)

To make a booking, please call +41 91 791 02 02 or email [email protected].

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