Castello Del Sole



A culinary journey that celebrates the harmony between nature and the authentic flavours of our terroir.

The flavour of Ticino

We have been cultivating the fertile soil of the Maggia Delta for almost 100 years

We are very fortunate to be able to farm this land. It is undoubtedly our oasis on the western shore of Lake Maggiore. Here, Mediterranean cuisine is combined at the highest level with the agricultural products that our land produces. In addition to many varieties of fruit and vegetables, we grow over 25 varieties of tomatoes in the Castello del Sole garden. Tomatoes are the queen of our garden in summer. In the kitchen you will find the most delicious fennel, aubergines, courgettes and much more. Even the unusual grows, such as the Asian radish. Amazingly, the mild climate allows exotic Sichuan, Sansho and mountain pepper plants to thrive. All this finds its way into the kitchen and we serve you perfectly prepared flavours from the garden. We call them "sapori del nostro orto".

Our specialties, our commitment

Cantina alla Maggia, Ascona

Fine wines from our winery

Cantina alla Maggia produces a representative selection of wines from its 10.5 hectares of vineyards. The range extends from the traditional Merlot to the indigenous Bondola grape variety and the sought-after wines aged in barrique barrels.

Castello del Sole, Ascona

The Yuzu garden

This mysterious and elegant citrus fruit, originally from Japan, is at home at Castello del Sole. Try our yuzu-flavoured gin or our yuzu salt.

Terreni alla Maggia, Ascona

Rice pioneers in Switzerland

In the 1990s, we experimented with dry rice farming. The first rice growing region in Switzerland was successfully established at that time. It was the most northerly in Europe. Today, the Loto variety produces an excellent risotto rice.

Terreni alla Maggia, Ascona

The only 100% Ticino pasta

Our pasta is made exclusively with our own durum wheat flour and spring water.

Castello del Sole, Ascona

Mattias Roock's passion

It is not uncommon to find Mattias Roock in our resort's vegetable garden. Look over his shoulder and discover the diversity of our vegetables and herbs.

Terreni alla Maggia, Ascona

Polenta, the typical Ticino dish par excellence

The maize - "millo corvo", red and white - not only cultivated here, but also ground in Ticino.

A taste of nature on your plate

"Sapori del Nostro Orto" means the flavours of our garden. The menu of the same name presents the full range of Ticino dishes created by Chef Mattias Roock. Let yourself be surprised by the variety and refinement of local produce.


"It gives me great pleasure to inspire our guests with the tasteful beauty of Ticino. My work is close to my heart and it is very fulfilling to be recognised in this way". Mattias Roock, 18 GaultMillau points and 1 Michelin star.