Castello Del Sole

Snack Bar La Spiaggia

The bar on the private beach

"La Spiaggia" sounds like sun, sea and sand. The modern and uncomplicated bistro on the private beach will spoil you with small, handy dishes. Enjoy salads, tarte flambée, arancini with our 'loto' rice and other delicacies.

Right next to the water, your feet in the sand, the warmth of the sun on your skin, a cool cocktail in your hand - just let yourself be pampered!

Culinary Events


Fine wines and spirits from our winery

The winery with agricultural specialties Cantina alla Maggia is an essential part of our Resort. All our restaurants and bars offer you the opportunity to taste some of our products, to introduce you to the work we do in the fields and to give you local, exclusive and - above all - delicious experiences.

At the La Spiaggia bar, the Cantina alla Maggia is represented by the bubbles of our classic method sparkling wine made from Bondola, the indigenous Ticino grape variety - and in Samuele's fresh cocktails, in which our Gin is the protagonist.