Castello Del Sole

Bar Bassa Selim and Cortile Barbarossa

Aperitif or after dinner drink, sit back and relax

In the atmospheric bar or in the courtyard of the Cortile Barbarossa, you can raise your glass to life and holidays with a cocktail or an after-dinner drink from our Chef de Bar, Maurizio Zullo, accompanied by subtle piano music.

The artfully designed Bassa Selim Bar is a captivating shade of intense blue. Immerse yourself in the setting of Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio.


Fine wines and spirits from our winery

The winery with agricultural specialties Cantina alla Maggia is an essential part of our Resort. All our restaurants and bars offer you the opportunity to taste some of our products, to introduce you to the work we do in the fields and to give you local, exclusive and - above all - delicious experiences.

At the Bar Bassa Selim and the Cortile Barbarossa, the Cantina alla Maggia is best represented in the cocktails created for aperitifs and after-dinner drinks by Maurizio, enhancing the distillates of our production - to be sipped accompanied by the typical breadsticks made of 00 flour, from wheat grown in the fields around the Castello.