Castello Del Sole

Transformative Bodywork with Richard Girolami

2 - 7 July
27 August - 1 September

Experience the fascinating world of Transformative Bodywork, which combines a modern, scientific view of the human body with the energetic wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

This comprehensive therapy combines somatic, myofascial, mindfulness and energetic practices, as well as breath work, to bring body and mind into harmonious balance. Immerse yourself and enable physical, emotional and energetic transformation to create a lighter, freer human experience.

The sessions usually last 75 minutes and begin with a short discussion. The therapy takes place without oil and in underwear, tracksuit bottoms and sports bra or bikini. Conscious breathing is at the centre of the process as clients are guided through challenging areas. It is possible to achieve unique results after just one session. Richard's clients regularly report a more comfortable body sensation, improved movement, more conscious breathing and frequent emotional and physical changes. Each session is unique and tailored to the needs of the individual. 

Transformative Bodywork

75 minutes – CHF 300.-

90 minutes – CHF 350.-



To book a session, please call +41 91 785 86 85 or email [email protected].