Castello Del Sole

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  • Duration

    ca. 1 hour

  • Where

    Along the nature reserve in the Castello del Sole park

  • Equipment

    For a better view, binoculars from Swarovski Opticians are available at reception

  • Special

    Please note that the reserve is not accessible to visitors to safeguard the birds living in the area. Once a week, accompanied by an expert, you can observe the birds from outside. Please contact our concierge for more details.

  • Price

    Free of charge

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Adjacent to Castello del Sole’s park lies a nature and bird reserve. Take a moment to observe the local and migratory birds that thrive in this unique alluvial landscape.

Explore the captivating natural scenery between Locarno and Ascona, which includes significant green spaces like the golf course, Cantina alla Maggia, and Castello del Sole. Under the guidance of Pietro Teichert, an ornithological oasis has blossomed, hosting 273 bird species, including rare breeders like the black kite and water rail. The nearby reed beds serve as a favoured roosting spot for barn swallows.

Pietro Teichert, a passionate ornithologist since the 1960s, established the nature reserve at the mouth of the Maggia River. Today, it plays a vital role in preserving nature and supporting birdlife. Close by, the Bolle di Magadino, a 150-hectare nature reserve, holds immense importance for migratory birds during autumn and spring.

Discover the fascinating avian world on our grounds

Immerse yourself in this remarkable landscape - whether alone or with an expert - preferably during the early morning for optimal birdwatching.


Pietro Teichert, who has diligently overseen operations for decades, manages the ringing station and archives. As a retired civil engineer, he championed the protection of riparian forests, reedbeds, and the ancient Maggia estuary in the early 1960s.

Signature experiences