Castello Del Sole

Signature experiences

Just a table for two

  • Duration

    The time for a special dinner

  • Where

    In the orchard in the hotel park

  • Equipment

    The desire to spend an unforgettable evening

  • Special

    Not bookable in the months of July and August

  • Price

    CHF 700.- for two persons
    Menu excluding drinks

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Dinner in the orchard of the Castello del Sole in Ascona

Immerse yourself in an incomparable evening at the Castello del Sole in Ascona - an exclusive dinner in the middle of the enchanting orchard awaits you.

Picture the corn ears swaying gently in the warm southern breeze, with romance lingering in the air. Welcome to the enchanting ‘Maggia’ orchard, where the natural allure of Cantina alla Maggia and Castello del Sole unfolds. Here, nature envelops you, and an experience takes shape that will etch itself into your memory forever.

Your exclusive table for two in the orchard becomes a secluded haven. Indulge in a refined 5-course menu of your choosing, accompanied by the exquisite recommendations of our Michelin-starred chef, Mattias Roock. Amidst this magical setting, where ingredients - often sourced from our own garden - come together, you’ll encounter an extraordinary experience. Treat yourself to an evening of love, pleasure, and unforgettable moments amidst the heart of Ticino’s natural beauty.

Where the natural allure of Cantina alla Maggia and Castello del Sole unfolds

Signature experiences