Castello Del Sole

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Pathway through the trees

  • Duration

    Approx. 1h during the guided tour
    Enjoy the time individually without restrictions

  • Where

    In our park

  • Equipment

    Educational tree walk map - request it at the Concierge

  • Special

    Once a week accompanied by our Head Gardener Nicolas Magyar. Information at the Concierge

  • Price

    Free of charge

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Exotic trees and ancient giants in the hotel park

The mighty English oak, the oldest tree in our green sanctuary, stands proudly in the centre of the magnificent Castello del Sole park. This imposing oak not only bears the weight of centuries, but also symbolises steadfastness, strength and loyalty - values that have been associated with this impressive tree species since ancient times.

Another jewel in our park is the rare Kashmir cypress, probably the only one of its kind in Ticino. Native to southern Tibet, this evergreen conifer normally grows at altitudes between 1250 and 2700 metres, but here it is only 196 metres above sea level. It is a real treasure that thrives in water-rich soils and is protected as an endangered species.

The black alder is another fascinating inhabitant of our park. Found along rivers and on the banks of streams and lakes, the black alder is remarkable not only for its vigorous growth but also for its resistance to decay under water. Its wood was once used for the piles on which parts of Venice were built. The black alder's name may derive from its fruit cones, which were once used to make black ink. Our stately specimen of the versatile black alder rises a proud 21 metres above the usual heights and fascinates with its unique splendour.

An open-air museum with some of the most impressive trees in Ticino

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