Castello Del Sole

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  • Duration

    Beginners course: three days
    Experienced fishermen on request

  • Where

    Castello del Sole & Val Lavizzara
    After an introductory course in the park of Castello del Sole, the experts will take you to the river in the picturesque Val Lavizzara.

  • Equipment

    Equipment hire including waders available

  • Price

    CHF 800.- for two persons per day, each additional person CHF 100.-

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Fly fishing is a special kind of nature experience - a fascinating combination of fishing and hunting - meditative moments included. Beginners can practise with an experienced fly fisherman in the Castello del Sole park before heading towards the river in the picturesque Val Lavizzara.

The president of the Ticino Fly Fishing Association knows the best fishing spots in the surrounding waters. One of his favourite spots is at the far end of the Maggia Valley, where the river is still a small stream called the Lavizzara. Crystal clear as grappa, the young Maggia winds its way down through meadows, woods and a labyrinth of rocks.

Always on the move and with the fish in their sights, the anglers move along the Maggia, observing every movement on the surface of the water and, with great sensitivity and the right technique, learning the perfect cast that, with a little luck, will entice the fish to bite. Fly fishing is much more than "just" catching a fish. It is a great way to get in touch with nature and balance your daily routine. We offer courses for beginners as well as fly fishing for experienced anglers.

"When the water flows past me, my thoughts flow with it - I am completely immersed in the moment, absorbed like a child at play. It's a wonderful feeling."


Mauro Guidali has been a passionate fly fisherman since 1996 and is president of the Ticino Fly Fishing Association. 

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